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About me and Blog:

First of all, I want to say something about mine so friends my name is Shehbab Ali. I am from India and I am a freelancer, social media evaluator and also a blogger. Friends I am 25 years old and I have a lot of experience in the field of computers, internet, online earning, mobiles and much more. So friends I also completed my education in the Information and Technology field and now I am capable to earn my bread and butter online so the question arises why I create this blog so I want to talk about it now.

Friends, as we know that the world of Online is very complicated for most of the people and most of the people even, do not know how to do a single transaction so friends I create this blog especially for those people who are curious about learning and earning online but they are not capable of it because of the time or money problem and I know there are many people in the world are there who are earning unlimited amount of money from a single computer or mobile so friends if they can so we also can do this so friends I create this blog for me and for you all so that I can teach you and you can learn from our this blog and you can also make money online like the others so friends I create this blog for you now I also want to talk something about what will you learn from this blog so friends I will give you the information or I say the daily information about the information and technology, computers and online money making and also the mobiles tips and I will also teach you how to make an ios or an android app without the coding so stay tuned with this blog and be a smart person like the others and finally I want to say please spread the words of this blog among your friends and family members so the others can also take the benefit from this blog and I will only post the original and genuinely things here so please if you are hard working and I know yes you are then this blog is for you.