How to make money online with Leapforce

How to make money online with Leapforce:

Hello Friends how are you I hope you are all fine so friends today I want to talk about the Leapforce.

Friends as we know that there are many ways are there by which you can make money online like you can make a website or blog like me and earn money online or you can create a channel on You Tube and make money online or the easiest way is to give the surveys and clicking on the PTC sites but friends here I am talking about the Leapforce which is a well know and a genuine company here I am using the word genuine because if we put a light on the online work so we will find that most of 95% sites on the internet is fake but here I am talking about the Leapforce which is a legit company and they also pay you too much higher then any other company now the question will arise in your mind that how to apply for this company, what we have to do in this company and how much they pay us and etc. So here I am giving you a brief information about this.

How to Apply for this Job:

Friends before applying for this job I want to give you some suggestion and make sure if you follow all of them then you will definitely be the part of Leapforce. So the things which you need to have before applying:

  1. You have to buy a computer or a laptop and if you already have then it is your best point.
  2. Now the second thing is the high-speed internet connection, you can also use your mobile USB tethering.
  3. You should have a mobile phone and the phones should be a smartphone in which only two operating systems are allowed the one the Android and the other is the iOS.
  4. You should have a PAN card, or a driving license or at least a Passport.
  5. You should also have a bank account in which you can receive your payment.
  6. You should have a resume saved on your computer or laptop.
  7. And if you have all these then you can apply from here


What we have to do in this company:

Now friends lets talk what we have to do in this company so friends when you apply in this company so according to their location they will give you the projects like the Nile , Yukon and many more projects so you just have to apply for this job and the project which will suite your profile or if they find you suitable for their vacant project so they will hire you and you just have to do the work of search engine evaluator in which you have to visit the website or you have to watch the advertisements on the Facebook Feed Rating Tool and you have to just evaluate it according to the rating scales and if you got selected so they will give you the working training in the form of the texts.

How much they pay you:

Friends as I already tell you it is one of the best company in its category so friends they pay you too much for example if you are from the US and if you are on their Nile Project so they will pay you $13-14 approx. per hour and if you are from the Asian Countries like from the India so they pay $7 per hour and I am just talking about their lowest project payment and if you got selected in their other project like the Yukon then make sure it will make you rich.

Now finally I want to talk about their working timings so friends you are independent to work you can work freely according to your timings that why it is known as the flexible timing job so I hope you will like my this article so for getting this type of article please follow me on this blog.

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