How to make money with User Testing

How to make money with User Testing:

Hello friends how are you I hope you are all fine so friends today I want to talk about the User Testing.

So friends in our daily life we use many applications like the video players, singing simulators etc and we also use to visit many websites like the e-commerce sites like the Amazon, E-bay, and many more websites so friends when we use the apps and websites sometimes we find some difficulty related to the website readability, or the website or application interface and we also find difficulty on how to use the website or application and how to find a particular thing on the website so the owners of the website and application always keep in mind that there is only one thing is important in their business which is their audience and their users so they pay a lot of money to the User Testing site for checking their website interface and what their audience thing and what their audience want so that they can modify their site and application according to the need of their audiences so friends User Testing site hire people daily for testing the applications and websites and you can apply for this type of job very easily and they will pay you $10 for every test so this site cannot make you rich but you can earn as much money that you can buy some good consoles for yourself so friends here on this article I describe about it so please read the complete article.

How to apply for this job:

So friends you can apply for this job very easy but so are somethings which you need before applying for this job and these are:

  1. A computer or a Laptop.
  2. High Speed Internet Connection.
  3. A good microphone with noise cancellation functionality.
  4. A calm place where there is no noise of machines, vehicles, or any other thing.
  5. A gmail or a Yahoo email Id you can prefer the Gmail.
  6. A PayPal account for receiving your hard earned money.
  7. Basic English Speaking Skills with Good Grammar.

So friends if you have all these things then you can easily apply for this job and below is the apply button but before applying read this complete article about the whole process.

So friends when you will click on the above button you will redirect to a site whose name is User Testing and then they will ask for your email Id then please put your email Id in the given area now they will instantly send you a message in which they will give you a link then you should have to click on that link and then you will redirect to instruction page of User Testing site where they will give you a software which is their official screen recorder software then you have to download the software and have to install that software then you have to connect your microphone with your computer or laptop then you have to click on a button which you will find on a instruction page and after clicking on that button proceed button a window will open and they will give you a paragraph to read loud and you have to read that small paragraph so that they can test you microphone if everything will fine then a video player will open where they will give you a small training you should have to watch the whole video and then after they will ask you some questions related to the video training and if you pass this test which you will then your will redirect to a website and your screen recorder will also automatically start recording then you just have to follow the instruction which you will find below you screen recorder and you just have to speak a loud for example if they give you the instruction like find the visiting hour from this website then you have to search and find that specific information and while you are searching speak a loud that what are you feeling and experiencing so friends this is a simple and an easy job and when you will apply for this you will find it a good job and if you like this article so please share this among your friends and family members and always try to connect with this blog

Thanks for reading.

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